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"Healthy ... for Sale" , this is a typical phrase you can see at every spot of this alley. An alley located at the city center of Tehran which is officially named as "Farhang Hosseini"; however mostly call it "Kidney Alley". It is due to using its walls as a black market bulletin for dealing body organs. Then people who have no regular option go there to find a kidney or liver and seeking among repetitive "sex, age, body condition,  telephone number” red colored graffiti along it. In recent years, the Iranian Society of Organ Donation has taken huge steps in promoting the culture of organ donation. As a result, the number of trades has dramatically decreased; whereas the unfortunate aspect of the story is still continuing. In another word, a considerable number of people still will to sell their body organ.

In this book, you can see an actual panoramic photo from every door, every step and every brick of one side of this alley. As you proceed in the 7-meter photo of this book, you can imagine yourself walking through the alley. In order to keep the consistency of the alley’s walls through the eyes of the viewer, the pages are folded in the shape of an accordion instead of being separated. Furthermore, a magnifier is improvised at the end of the book to easily focus and the attached cover is the photo of the ”Farhang Hosseini Alley” sign.

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Simin (Silvern)

Azadi Tower

Carré de Fraternité

(the Corner of Brotherhood)

The Human Family

Trapped between Inside & Outside

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