Carré de Fraternité - the Corner of Brotherhood

Mattresses, old cardboard, blankets, sleeping bags, tent. A repetitive scene in your daily walk in the streets of Paris. Each of these spots is the territory of a homeless who is sleeping in the streets due to lots of reasons.

There are 7-8,000 rough sleepers on the streets of Paris. There are some shelters considered for homeless people but lack of capacity, illegal immigration and strict rules of shelters force many of rough sleepers to sleep in the street; Strict rules such as no dogs, no couples, no alcohol and some also refuse to take those with mental issues.

Unfortunately, an average of 480 homeless people are reported to have died in the streets of France every year, organizations like the Collectif Les Morts organize simple ceremonies in a dedicated corner of the Thiais Cemetery outside Paris. The area set aside for homeless burials is called the Carré de Fraternité - the Corner of Brotherhood.