Simin is a project that explores the identity and expression of Iranian women who wear the mandatory hijab. The name Simin means "silvern" in Persian, and it reflects the two main aspects of the project: the use of silver as a material and a color, and the choice of Simin as a female name.

The project consists of a series of portraits of young Iranian women in their modern outdoor outfits, contrasted with the imposed veil. The portraits are made using a technique inspired by the Daguerreotype process, which was the first widely used photographic method. The technique involves exposing a silver-coated copper plate to light, creating a mirror-like image on the metal surface. The result is a unique and striking effect, where the viewer can see themselves reflected in the portrait, as well as the details of the subject's face and clothing.

The project aims to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that surround Iranian women, and to show their diversity and individuality. By using an old medium to capture the present, the project also creates a dialogue between the past and the future, and between tradition and modernity. Simin is a project that celebrates the beauty and resilience of Iranian women, and their ability to express themselves despite the limitations.