La Famille Humaine - The Human Family

The human family is a collage collection that celebrates the diversity and unity of humanity through the posters from the walls of Paris. The posters from the walls of Paris are a rich source of images and texts that reflect the history, culture, and politics of the city and its people. They also show how the city is constantly changing and evolving, just like the human family. I collected the posters from different locations and periods in Paris, and then cut, tore, layered, and glued them to create a collage for each individual. I used different colors and shapes to create contrast and harmony between the layers, and to highlight the unique characteristics and stories of each person. I also used text fragments from the posters to create titles or captions for each collage, adding another layer of meaning and context. My work is a tribute to the human family and its diversity and unity. I believe that art can be a way of connecting with others and learning from their perspectives and experiences. I hope that my collages inspire others to appreciate the beauty and complexity of humanity and its cultures. I also want to continue exploring the possibilities and challenges of collage as an artistic medium and expression.